I C.A.N. and Will get the job done. I have the passion, dedication, and experience necessary to successfully carry out all aspects of my platform and more. My platform consists of three different parts, C.A.N.:

  1. I want to CONTINUE striving towards the completion of all the needed initiatives the Student Senate has begun over the past few years. This includes moving forward with Hughes Trigg Student Center renovations, expanding and protecting all forms of Diversity (including Greek Life), improved Dining relations, larger allocation of Student Fees to the Senate to better serve the student body, encouraging and reforming the university’s recycling, and updating and informing the Student Body on campus safety.
  2. I want to inspire the Senate and the student body to ACT. I hope to instill the value of our community and the Senate in the hearts of students early as an Orientation Leader this summer, meet and work with the diverse student population to stimulate education, conversation, and unity between every student on our campus, utilize forums to increase communication, and urge the Chamber to participate and support our community and its events more than ever before. Most importantly, I want to re-empower the Student Voice, and put students back in the meetings where the decisions on our day-to-day life are made.
  3. I want to bring NEW IDEAS to our community to help create a better experience for all SMU Students. I want to create an Organization Forum for collaboration and discussion, create a Student Forum for our entire community to have conversations with each other and the Chamber, reform the Student Concerns Committee, and implement servant leadership within the Chamber.

Click through the links or on the tabs under Platform to see more in depth details on all areas of my platform. If there is an issue that is important to you that I haven’t addressed, please email me at or contact me below. I would love to get back to you on how I can help alleviate or address the problems you are facing.