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“Student Senate belongs to the student body. It is meant to serve you, and honestly, only you. The office of Student Body President is not a resume builder or bucket list item. It is a position that demands servant leadership. The title carries a lot of weight. However, it is impossible to utilize the office if its owner does not hit the ground running.

Your Student Body President needs experience. It is not a representative role. One person cannot drag the senate through a calendar year. The president cannot create a legacy alone. He cannot, by himself, serve the students that elected him.

The candidate with the experience and insight required to lead the Student Senate is Will Jones. He’s the only candidate with experience on the executive committee. He’s the only candidate who has passed legislation.

You cannot lead a body you do not understand.

Will Jones has been patient through Senate’s worst and still given Senate his best. He’s your chance at electing a leader who will not fumble the opportunities you give him. Will knows the office he is running for. He has seen and taken note of its challenges. He will ensure that your Senate works for you, not for him.

For these reasons, I encourage you to elect Will Jones to the office of Student Body President.”

 -Betsy Ehmcke: Finance Chair 2016-2017, Lyle Senator 2015-2016, Lyle Senator 2014-2015, Senior (Class of 2017)

“The most important part of a Student Body Presidency is actually being in touch with the student body. Will has genuine relationships spanning across this entire university. You think you have a lot of friends… Until you walk around campus with Will Jones. This in itself speaks to his involvement and his character, simply proving that to him, every Mustang is truly valued. Even more, his presence, and thus these friendships, in all corners of SMU did not suddenly appear the moment he announced his candidacy.

Will’s commitment to the students of SMU is evident not only in his genuine relationships across campus, but also in his platform. With Mr. Jones as President, I know my voice Will be heard. I admire his plan to reimplement students in decision-making, and I am confident he can get done anything he sets his mind to. In fact, he’s already done just that, with everything from his leadership in SMU’s Relay for Life, to his concert hashtag on Instagram – #WillGoesToShows (the boy knows how to get a good view at a good show, and that is a quality I personally look to surround myself with), to the multiple pieces of legislation that he’s passed during his multiple years in Student Senate, specifically with one and a half years on its Executive Committee.

If you’re looking for an invigorated spirit to listen, encourage, and accomplish, feel relieved because your search is over. Will Jones is your man, and he should also be your SMU Student Body President. Yes, Will CAN…. and, oh yes, he WILL.”

-Josie Goson: Program Council Web Communications Chair, Alpha Kappa Psi, Marketing, French Studies, Arts Management, College and Lifestyle Marketing Representative for Universal Music Group, Junior (Class of 2018)

“Will Jones should be President because he is the embodiment of what SMU students should strive to be; inclusive, determined, and selfless. He is able to reach so many different types of students between the greek community, multicultural, LGBT and women’s communities on campus, all while having the most experience. Hard working and hilarious, where there is Will, there is a way.”

– Katie Butler: President of Not On My Campus, Chi Omega, Digital Director for SMU Look, former Managing Editor for SMU Daily Campus, former director of Mustang Welcome Weeks, Senior (Class of 2017)

“Will Jones shows continuous support for a diverse group of students and various organizations which is essential in discovering what members of the student body need. He is always genuine, authentic and willing to serve minority communities on campus. I can’t think of anyone who would do a better job at serving the SMU community but Will. He’s got that Will Power to help the community succeed.”

-Chandler English: Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc., Association of Black Students, SMUNaturals, Sisters Supporting Sisters, Voices of Inspiration, Sophomore (Class of 2019)

“Will Jones respects all people and is passionate about hearing every single voice on campus. He has a unique and innovative mind. This, along with his experience and involvement on campus, make me confident that he will fulfill all of his promises and represent the school with integrity.”

-Claire Krizman: SMU National Panhellenic Conference VP of External Recruitment, Tri Delta, Amnesty International P.R. Chair, Human Rights and Psychology Majors, Junior (Class of 2018)

“I think Will Jones will be the best thing for SMU- he’s demonstrated a consistent passion for making the campus community better, he cares about making students feel like they’re a part of this place, and his platform points make sense. I’m proud to call Will a good friend, and have had the pleasure of sitting down with him on more than one occasion to discuss our views for a better University environment. He definitely has the willpower and dedication to make a difference on campus, and he has my vote!”

-Aabid Shivja: Muslim Student Association, Junior (Class of 2018)

“Will Jones is my pick for Student Body President because of the inclusive environment he creates on SMU’s campus. Will Jones makes a priority to make sure that every student organization has a voice, by attending student group campus events, and encouraging others to do the same. While attending these events, Will Jones takes the time to create genuine connections. Considering Will’s past experience in Senate, there is no doubt in my mind that he will excel in the position of Student Body President.”

-Melissa Wong: International Studies, Chinese Language and Culture, Law and Legal Reasoning, Junior (Class of 2018)

“Will Jones is a huge part of my SMU. He is extremely involved and truly cares about everyone on this campus. He is more than qualified to get the job done and done well! I’ve seen his leadership first hand and I know he can lead this school in a direction of inclusion! Vote Will Jones – because he CAN and WILL get the job done.”

-Taylor Hintze: Alpha Chi Omega, Vice President of the Wakeboard Team, Staff Writer for Her Campus, Junior (Class of 2018)

“I am voting for Will Jones because he is an innovative leader on campus. He has a strong record of involvement at SMU. Because of his past and current initiatives in SMU Senate, Will Jones stands as an excellent candidate for President.”

-Nusaiba Mizan: Sophomore (Class of 2019)

WHY WILL? I first met Will Jones my sophomore year when he was filling in at an Assembly meeting. Right from the start I knew he was the kind of person who always steps up to plate no matter what. In the past year and a half I’ve seen Will be involved with so many organizations including, SMU Relay for Life and Student Senate. I’ve seen him author legislation for the new queer seat on campus, and I’ve seen him attend pretty much every single event my MGC sorority has thrown. In short: Will shows up in more ways than one. He’s reliable, hard working, and hilarious.”

-Terisha Kolencherry: Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc., Honors Advisory Committee, Editor in Chief of Hilltopics, Junior (Class of 2018)

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