for Student Body President


Hello! Howdy! Guten Tag!

IMG_1067 copy.JPGMy name is Will Jones and I want to serve you as the 2017-2018 Student Body President. Growing up in a small, rural South Alabama town, the decision to come to SMU was a big one. My experience with big cities was rare, and with large student bodies  rarer. This decision, though difficult, was the best thing I could have done. In the end, SMU was the only school I applied to because I knew it was where I belonged. SMU has caused me to grow in ways I never thought possible. Through the experience I had as a First Year, I knew I wanted to get more involved and help make a positive impact on our campus. What SMU had been doing for me in my first year I wanted to give back as soon as possible. I have loved every second of my time in Senate as a Pre-Major Senator and as Secretary, and I want to continue serving the Student Body in my senior year with every bit of dedication and passion for this University and its students I possess.

I am majoring in Finance in the Cox School of Business and German in the Dedman School of Humanities. I have made it a point to be as involved (see my involvement HERE) on campus as possible. Getting to know fellow Mustangs is my favorite part about being a student. The growth and knowledge I gain through conversations and friendships across campus have made me the person I am today. I have seen the true value in every member of our community and will dedicate myself to upholding the statement “every Mustang will be valued.”

I have been a member of Senate in both my Sophomore and Junior years. I began my journey as a Pre-Major Senator, and, shortly thereafter, I filled the Secretary vacancy. I spent the first half of my sophomore year as a Senator and the second half as Secretary. I loved the service and time I spent as Secretary so much a decided to run for it in my junior year, and was honored to be elected to serve. The knowledge and EXPERIENCE I have gained in my time serving on two different Senate Executive Committees are invaluable and will help me succeed as President.

My PLATFORM is three fold. CONTINUATION, ACTION, and NEW IDEAS (C.A.N.). Check each page out, and if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or anything else, please shoot me a message on the CONTACT page, or email me at willj@smu.edu. Elections are the 5th and 6th of April, at smu.edu/elections . If chosen, I will tirelessly serve the student body with complete dedication. My entire platform, passion, and drive for the Student Senate is based in one fact. We are people. We are students. We are Mustangs. We are SMU. I will be a President for every single student on our campus. We are a community, world changers are shaped on our campus. We are all those world changers. What we can do together is greater than anything we could do apart.

I C.A.N. and Will get the job done!